Crédito Adicional

Crédito Adicional: Term 3

Your task: Create a short story book. You will take the comic strip writing skills that we practiced in class to create a short story book. For this project, you will create a story about at least 4 characters and their travels to 4 different Spanish Speaking Countries (name the specific cities). You are encouraged to incorporate cultural facts about those countries in your stories. Your story must also include a 3rd person omniscient narrator. You will need a minimum of 10 pages (approximately 4 – 8 lines per page). Your storybook should be set up in one of the following ways:


  • Each page with an illustration and script
  • Alternating pages of illustrations and script

You storybook needs to include: 

q       4 Uses of the Direct Object Pronoun

q       1 Use of a command

q       The preterit and present tense (any text in quotes will happen in the present)

q       4 Irregular Preterit tense verbs

q       5 Characters (4 Speaking and 1 narrator)

q       Physical and personality descriptions of each character

q       Descriptions of all settings

q       All requirements MUST be underlined

q       All text MUST be typed

Projects are due by: April 1st by 2:15 p.m. NOT LATER!

  • *** Remember that extra credit is just that, EXTRA. All focus should be on doing a great job on REGULAR credit assignments.
  • ***GRADING*** Assignments will be graded on a 1 – 4 point scale. This grade will then be added to the students test average. NOT their final average.
  • **** Late assignments will NOT be accepted.